Aamir – Underwater Regions

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Aamir – Underwater Regions [24.01.]

01. Introduction (Produced by Nomar Slevik)
02. Teach Me (Produced By Authentic)
03. Recovering Satellites feat. Ira (Produced by Maki)
04. Breath of Fire feat. Ellay Khule & Amneisa (Produced by Yosef Una)
05. Thoughts are Sacred (Produced by Anamalous Nicholai)
06. Rewind the Days feat. Natalie (Produced by Moshe)
07. Just To Let Her Know feat. Dj LX-Boogie(Produced by Jani 5)
08. Day and Night feat. Xczircles (Produced by DJ Extend)
09. Scarlet Red feat. Dj Bizkid (Produced by Factor)
10. One (Produced by Circuitt)
11. You & Me (Produced by Maki)
12. City of Lights feat. 2mex, Bigg Jus, Xczircles, Geneva B & K-The-I??? (Produced by Xczircles)
13. I Will Live and I Will Die (Produced by Efalive of the Jazoburbs)
14. Whispers In The Dark (Produced by DJ Extend)
15. Gone (A Song for Her) (Produced by Guide Book)
16. Sticks & Stones Pt.2 feat. Like Minded, Xczircles & Trex (Produced by Guide Book)