Myka Nyne, Abstract Rude, Daedelus 2008


The „Mykology“ project has been reworked and will be available soon produced by Organized Elements with boomers like „Trimmin“ „Where Would You Be Now“ and „Breathin Down Your Back“…
Also the „Magic Heart Genies“ project featuring „Myka 9″ and „J The Sarge“ produced by a variety of musicians will be available soon with wishes like „Royal Caravan“ „Good Energy“ and „Heartifact“…
Along with the „Gramophone Volume One“ album slated for late 2008…
Myka has a variety of flavors for the palette on his plate for next year! Did someone say „Haiku De Tat“? Did someone whisper „Freestyle Fellowship“ reunions of all sorts abound! It’s all love! Thanks!

Außerdem wird Abstract Rude ein neues Album, „Dear Abby“, veröffentlichen. Und das über Rhymesayers Entertainment! Aufmerksamkeit ist also garantiert.

Bis dahin sollte man sich Daedelus „Live At Low End Theory“ ansehen, auf DVD, oder anhören.


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