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THIS IS THE LIFE … (New L.A. Underground Docu)


In 1989, a collective of young artists gathered at a storefront health food cafe in South Central LA. Their mandate? To explore and expand the musical boundaries of hip hop.

THIS IS THE LIFE is a feature-length documentary that chronicles “The Good Life” emcees, the alternative music movement they developed, and their worldwide influence on the artform.

Featuring new interviews with: Myka Nyne and PEACE of Freestyle Fellowship, Chali2na and Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5, NgaFsh, Riddlore, Tray-Loc & Wreckless of CVE, Abstract Rude and Zulu Butterfly of ATU, Ellay Khule of Hip Hop Klan, Medusa of S.I.N, Born Allah, Ganjah K, FatJack, JMD, Omid, Pigeon John, 2Mex of OMD, Jyant & Eve of Figures of Speech, T-Love of Urban Props, Sheena Lester & B+ of Rappages, Mear One, Mike Nardone of KXLU’s We Came From Beyond, Garth Trinidad of KCRW’s Chocolate City, Monalisa Murray, Jah Orah, Hines, Busdriver, Monique Matthews, Keen and B. Hall & R. Kain Blaze, co-founders of The Good Life.

Directed by Ava DuVernay

Produced By: Ava DuVernay and Ellene V. Miles, Producers: Omid Walizadeh and Isaac Klotz, Director of Photography: Isaac Klotz, Music Supervisor: Omid Walizadeh, Editors: Krishna Devine and Spencer Averick.

Coming to a Film Festival Near You in 2008



THIS IS THE LIFE will celebrate its World Premiere at the 2008 Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 9 at 8PM.

The screening will take place at the Magic Johnson Theaters on Crenshaw, just blocks from the site of the original Good Life Cafe.

Tickets will be available online next week at

Aamir – Underwater Regions

die info ist ganz kurzfristig noch reingekommen und direkt zu euch:


Aamir – Underwater Regions [24.01.]

01. Introduction (Produced by Nomar Slevik)
02. Teach Me (Produced By Authentic)
03. Recovering Satellites feat. Ira (Produced by Maki)
04. Breath of Fire feat. Ellay Khule & Amneisa (Produced by Yosef Una)
05. Thoughts are Sacred (Produced by Anamalous Nicholai)
06. Rewind the Days feat. Natalie (Produced by Moshe)
07. Just To Let Her Know feat. Dj LX-Boogie(Produced by Jani 5)
08. Day and Night feat. Xczircles (Produced by DJ Extend)
09. Scarlet Red feat. Dj Bizkid (Produced by Factor)
10. One (Produced by Circuitt)
11. You & Me (Produced by Maki)
12. City of Lights feat. 2mex, Bigg Jus, Xczircles, Geneva B & K-The-I??? (Produced by Xczircles)
13. I Will Live and I Will Die (Produced by Efalive of the Jazoburbs)
14. Whispers In The Dark (Produced by DJ Extend)
15. Gone (A Song for Her) (Produced by Guide Book)
16. Sticks & Stones Pt.2 feat. Like Minded, Xczircles & Trex (Produced by Guide Book)

Californian Music – Next Releases


Left Handed Scientists (Orko Eloheim & Bazerkowitz) – Kill Your Computer (22.01.08)



Kenny Segal – Ken Can Cook (12.02.08)



Connie Price & The Keystones – Tell Me Something (04.03.08)

Kropotkin – Das kollektivistische Lohnsystem

aus dem 1892 erschienenem „Die Eroberung des Brotes“ (1919 erstmals auf deutsch).

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Myka Nyne, Abstract Rude, Daedelus 2008


The „Mykology“ project has been reworked and will be available soon produced by Organized Elements with boomers like „Trimmin“ „Where Would You Be Now“ and „Breathin Down Your Back“…
Also the „Magic Heart Genies“ project featuring „Myka 9″ and „J The Sarge“ produced by a variety of musicians will be available soon with wishes like „Royal Caravan“ „Good Energy“ and „Heartifact“…
Along with the „Gramophone Volume One“ album slated for late 2008…
Myka has a variety of flavors for the palette on his plate for next year! Did someone say „Haiku De Tat“? Did someone whisper „Freestyle Fellowship“ reunions of all sorts abound! It’s all love! Thanks! (mehr…)